Sunday, 10 July 2011

One lovely Blog award

Today, I got nominated for the 'One Lovely Blog Award', By (My good pal from uni)

For the one Lovely Blog Award:
-thank and link the blogger who has given you the award.
- copy and paste the logo in your blog.
- share 7 things about yourself.
- nominate 15 other great bloggers.
- comment and let them know of the award.

So 7 things about myself...
1. I work as a bartender for Jumpin' Jaks, where I have to do the hand jive on stage at the end of every night - I don't enjoy it.

2. I just developed an allergy to hair dye, which is terrible as I used to change hair colour every week.

3. My favorite CD right now is incredibad by Lonely Island, I know every word.

4. I Can't live without a camera

5. I collect and sell vintage clothes

6. I love any excuse to dress up in costume

7. Loves a good night out

And the 15 blogs I nominate for this award are...

hopefully this will promote your blogs a bit!