Sunday, 31 July 2011

Dazed & Confused: Hollow

Loved the last issued of Dazed & Confused, it's actually the 200th issue, I always think it's good to buy a landmark issue because maybe it will be worth something in the future and i'll be able to pay off my student loans!

Anyway one section really stood out, it's called Hollow (photography by Richard Burbridge and styling by Robbie Spencer). If I'm honest i'm not sure what it all means, but it's definitely punk inspired. I love the use of colour and different prints. Robbie Spencer is actually on blogspot, and his work is great, I would love to be a stylist and allowed to be that adventurous.

Robbie Spencer Styling

Richard Burbridge Photography

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Summer Mallorca Rocks

How early is too early to pack your suitcase? I'm away to Mallorca on the 223rd of August, which is 24 days. I'm so desperate to pack but know it would be ridiculous now. i compromised by just making a summer playlist. I looked to Annie Mac for help, go on her blog she's got a whole list of music you can download for free! I'd recommend.

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Moonlight Matters Remix)

I might also download some Biffy Clyro and Katy B, because they're preforming at our hotel! Oh well at least it's sunny in Glasgow at the moment and I have time to get my beach body ready.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Hummel and Haribo

An unlikely collaboration has occurred between established sports brand Hummel and Sweet manufacturer Haribo. The two have come together to recreate the iconic Stadil High sneaker. The shoe now comes in three colours, the gold has been influenced by the packaging of jelly bear sweets and the black from liquorice wheels. The shoe soles appear like they have been walking on multi-coloured sweets and the insides have even been scented to smell like sweets! I definitely wouldn't mind a pair.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Birthday Time

On thursday I turned 19, and to celebrate I had some people round for a 'pirate joes and sailor hoes' themed night. I almost cancelled the whole thing because the day before I was at the doctors for tonsillitis. Luckily I was given loads of medicine which worked right away, I just had a very deep manly voice for the next few days. I was also given some lovely presents which I took a few pictures in.

My friends got me these gorgeous shoes, can't wait to wear them out.

Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters

My wonderful Friend Rosalind sent me this vintage jumper which is from a shop in Ayr called 'electric Daisy'

Mac Lippy

Top and skirt - Topshop
My mates chose the bicycle design for my love of the band Bombay Bicycle Club, when I saw them at Rockness I drew one just like this on my leg and anyone else that would let me!

Here's a few birthday snaps.

Because I'm so cool.

Monday, 18 July 2011


After flicking through weheartit, I became inspired to take some photos. If you haven't been on go now, theres such unique images, I like searching tattoos theres some really creative ones. I'd been shopping recently with money I don't really have, but at least most things I bought were on sale!

Can you say poser? Oh well the top was £6 from Primark and the rings are topshop

I bought this purely because of the print! Love a pineapple in sunglasses. It's from River Island £10 in the sale.

yellow patent sandals from Office,  reduced to £17, but unfortunately they are painfully to walk in, hopefully I will break them in. 

Best buy Primark Beach Bag £3

My pictures don't really compare to any on WeHeartIt, but I will get better, think I'm going to have to find a model to pose for me.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Achraf Amiri: Fashion Illustration

I found this really amazing freelance art director/graphic, Achraf Amiri, who describes himself as "The hidden son of the Addams family"

I love his gothic style, He draws his models with over exaggerated eyelashes and nails and the limbs are almost skeletal. His work reminds me of Tim Burtons.

Check out his blog ->

I did a few myself in a similar style.