Sunday, 24 July 2011

Birthday Time

On thursday I turned 19, and to celebrate I had some people round for a 'pirate joes and sailor hoes' themed night. I almost cancelled the whole thing because the day before I was at the doctors for tonsillitis. Luckily I was given loads of medicine which worked right away, I just had a very deep manly voice for the next few days. I was also given some lovely presents which I took a few pictures in.

My friends got me these gorgeous shoes, can't wait to wear them out.

Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters

My wonderful Friend Rosalind sent me this vintage jumper which is from a shop in Ayr called 'electric Daisy'

Mac Lippy

Top and skirt - Topshop
My mates chose the bicycle design for my love of the band Bombay Bicycle Club, when I saw them at Rockness I drew one just like this on my leg and anyone else that would let me!

Here's a few birthday snaps.

Because I'm so cool.


  1. Happy 19th Birthday!
    I love the outfit.

  2. Ace shoes! Your skirt is amazing too!

    Just mentioned you for the award thingy on my bloggy :D


  3. Happy birthday :)

    I just found your blog and love it- defo following!

    I love bombay bicycle club as well, I did a post on them a while ago


  4. Hai,
    this is so cool
    I am Renjith here, am an art guy. just check my blog also

  5. I really like your work.. . amazing !

  6. thanks for the birthday wishes and the comments, will check out your blogs too xxx