Monday, 18 July 2011


After flicking through weheartit, I became inspired to take some photos. If you haven't been on go now, theres such unique images, I like searching tattoos theres some really creative ones. I'd been shopping recently with money I don't really have, but at least most things I bought were on sale!

Can you say poser? Oh well the top was £6 from Primark and the rings are topshop

I bought this purely because of the print! Love a pineapple in sunglasses. It's from River Island £10 in the sale.

yellow patent sandals from Office,  reduced to £17, but unfortunately they are painfully to walk in, hopefully I will break them in. 

Best buy Primark Beach Bag £3

My pictures don't really compare to any on WeHeartIt, but I will get better, think I'm going to have to find a model to pose for me.

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