Thursday, 30 June 2011

Goths in the sun

I've never had the chance to photograph the trousers I made for menswear, so I thought why not do a little photo-shoot today. I had also just made a skirt on my fantastic new sewing machine, so i've included that too. My friend Emily is wearing the mens trousers and I am in the skirt, I can't take credit for the design of the skirt though, because I saw one like it in white last time I was in Topshop. The trousers are punk inspired so I went dark colours and gothic make-up which looks good againt the bright blue background.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Backstage Photos

There was a lot of waiting around backstage, so I spent my time taking photos..

A lot of the designers customized their on shoes, these were covered in feathers, sequins and candle wax.
These shoes have been covered in beetle shells. I love the colour

The hair was kept up with rolled up magazines inside.

Sarah the model I dressed and the designers of the dress.

Really liked the pleated hair styles.

Heriot-Watt Graduate Fashion Show

On the 24th I helped out at the 4th years graduate fashion show which took place at the Dovecot in Edinburgh. Most of us were given the role of a dresser, where we were each assigned one model that we would help get into each outfit. Me and some of the smaller students had to be pair up with the smaller models, I never thought about it before but I guess dressers have to be tall too! so they can reach zips etc.
This collection was by the 4th year I interned for, Helen O'neill. I helped sew some of the beads on the scarfs. It's turned out really well, I think hers is one of the most cohesive.

This is the model I dressed, her name is Sarah, and she was lovely. The shoes she is wearing I had to sellotape her feet into!

You might recognize this model, she appeared on Britain's Next Top Model, i remember rooting for her to win as she was the only one from Glasgow.

The first designers collection had the models dance onto the stage, I really enjoyed watching this one, the faces were painted as skeletons.

Check out the massive head piece one of the models had to wear down the Catwalk.

Heads used as props.

A dress made from horse hair! the picture doesn't do it justice, it came down the runway to really dramatic music, and then there was a small silence where you could hear everyone gasp.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Viktor & Rolf

Some of my favorite designs by Viktor & Rolf.

Spring 2010

Spring 2011

Spring/Summer 2008