Thursday, 13 October 2011

Flat 0/1

So I did my photo-shoot in Flat 0/1 over the weekend and here are the best shots. The owner of the bar, Chris was pretty decent and put some music on for us and we pretty much had free range to go and do what we wanted. I thought the flat was great to take photos in, my favorite touches were the swinging seats made from a cut in half bathtub, the moustache stuck on the mirror in the toilets and the tropical bird wallpaper.

Also thank you to my models Marcus and Hope.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Red Dress

End Result of my Dress for pattern experimentation.

Ruth making a superman cape.

Zip at back

Rosalind Modeling for me

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Flat 1

In our visual presentation class we have to create an online magazine in groups. Ours is based on up-and-coming artists, music, fashions and locations in Glasgow. I have chosen the club flat 1 on Bath Street for it's uniqueness.

'most of us have got mates who live in 'the party flat'...the place where you go to tear it up, to take your carry out, pre-party/ post-party and just party full stop. the flat that is always full of booze, always has the decks set up and ready to go and whose neighbours don't complain about the noise...'

So basically it's a full time empty, I always enjoy flat parties more to going out so can't wait to go and write about it. There even letting me come in during the morning to take some photos, I was planning on getting a few friends to come with me and recreate a night out. If all goes well it will look similar to the new T4 advert which i'm using as inspiration.

T4 Advert