Thursday, 26 July 2012


NIGHTWALK took place at the Arches last month, sorry I forgot to upload the photos until now.

 I volunteered as a dresser, and each person was allocated a model that they were to help with each change. Turns out I knew my model Hazel from school, she had also helped me out with a photo-shoot last year. Luckily everything went smoothly, which was a surprise considering how much drink was consumed...there was a lot of waiting about.

Me & Hazel, normally the same height but she had jeffery campbells to walk in.
Bonnie Bling

Seriously check out the designers the outfits and accessories were incredible.

Bad blogger

Sorry about the lack of posting. I had kind of forgotten about my blog when I discovered Instagram, and have been using that to share all my photos on instead. So here's a wee catch up, and I promise to to neglect this blog again, especially with London Fashion Week coming up.

I've moved house! Bye old attic...

Hello Byres Road.

Decorating the new room with clothes.

Took all my magazines with me of course.

Enjoying the food at The Hillhead Bookclub, just across the road from my new digs.

I just turned 20 this month. Had a joint birthday with my Dad who was turning 60, to explain the candles. 

Love my birthday presents all Topshop, thanks guys.