Tuesday, 9 November 2010

A £900 dress and £2 plimsolls

When I heard our class were given the task to go to Harvey Nichols and Topshop to compare marketing styles I didn't believe it, they might well have said take a day of to go shopping.
  It was my first time in Harey Nichols, and I have to say I was impressed, the window displays were great and the clothes looked exclusive and luxurious. I was determined to try something on, I decided on a green sequin dress costing £900, it was the most expensive item I have ever worn. It was heavy from all the sequins, but fit me perfectly. The shop assistant offered me a pair of heels to try on with the dress, looking down at my £2 plimsolles from Primark, but i refused, I didn't want to give him false hope that I was going to buy the dress.

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