Sunday, 15 May 2011

Festival Season

With Radio 1's Big weekend on the go I am in the festival mood. last year I wasn't very creative, I was quite safe in my floral dresses teamed with biker boots. This year I am thinking of going more punk with studs, fringe and maybe some american flag print.

I think i am going to take some inspiration from Gok Wan and go in the DIY direction. I just need to find somewhere that sells a stud press. 
  A lot of these shorts below are from which sells vintage denims that have been individually customized by designer Christian Yasser Massuh.

Think this is possibly the best hair I have EVER seen.
Fringe always looks best in black.
Probably a safety hazard, but i am in love with these.
Studded jacket
American flag Shoes
Studded jeans
This image is  from I-D Magazine,  the socks are Nic Jottkandt, which I think are amazing. I don't think I have ever got such excitement over socks before!


  1. I've been thinking the same thing about the studded shorts. I've been wanting these for so so long but they are too expensive
    I almost bought 100 studs on ebay the other day. We could get together and make some lol!
    Oh also, I can't work at the 4th year fashion show anymore because im going to Barcelona :( well not sad that i'm going but sad that i can't help

  2. ohhh those are nice, yea i've been searching through ebay but not sure what stud press to get! I think we should spend a day studding.
    Aww man I was looking forward to seeing you, but barcelona will be great, who you going with? xx