Saturday, 26 March 2011

3RD Year Fashion Show

'Heads will roll' Was the name of the 3rd Years fashion show, I was a bit upset the song never featured in the show, but nevertheless i was still very impressed. Me and Ruth got there early hoping to get good seats but they were all reserved, however  in the last few minutes before the show started we spotted some empty seats in the front row that no one had showed up for, so we made a quick switch.
 I had been a bit unsure if I was going to change courses to fashion communication, but after seeing what the 3rd year had produced I have been swayed back to Design. My favorite collections were near the end, I usually don't like collections all the one colour, but the two that were all in white were fantastic, the first was inspired by origami and the other had bits of leather with studs, which looked really good in the white as opposed to the usual black. One designer had her models wear black masks, which were really effective in creating some theatrics, which i do love. The final design also deserves a mention, which included a black cape with studs on the shoulders.

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