Friday, 10 December 2010

Surrealist Skirt

  Umbrella Skirt

Just finished off my Surrealist Skirt, it was inspired by and upside down umbrella. We had a choice of three different thicknesses of black fabric which we could use in anyway. To make my skirt I firstly made a basic pencil shape, I then added the nine large panels round the outside. I really enjoyed this project as my skirt actually looked like my sketch for once.
  The rest of the classes skirts looked great, and we are having a runway show when we come back after Christmas holidays.


  1. Love the skirt!

  2. the skirt is amazing! i really admire your fashion illustrations as well they are beautiful! Love Rosie xoxo

  3. i love it:) well done!!!!!!!!! hope you can visit my blog :)xx